Edward Alexander Alton (Sir if you please)

A young gentlemen adventurer who has a secret nighttime identity.


A young, rich, bored aristocrat who climbs mountains, joins esoteric societies and, at night, dons a lavender mask, and robs the wealthy of their decadent baubles. The press called him “The Lavender Rose” after he was nearly caught at a party robbing the household of a precious diamond the size of a man’s fist. Although he failed to get the diamond, he escaped with the assistance of Genevieve. While she discovered his identity, she promised to keep it safe after he explained how many empty mouths it would feed.

Trick walking stick (with sword, climbing cables, flask of whiskey, etc.)
Suit with many pockets
A lavender mask hidden in a compartment in the sole of my shoe

Edward Alexander Alton (Sir if you please)

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