Genevieve Wesley

A young lady adventuress with a big heart and a sharp sword


Action 5
Romance 4
Science 3
Mystery 2

Fighting Style – Sword-fighting (Special, Free)
Romantic Interest (Special)
Deeds Not Words (Reputation)
Athletics (Talent)
Little White Lies (Talent)


If it’s a considerably dangerous thing to do, then Genevieve has tried to do it at some point. Her father is a successful business man with too much work to pay attention to the daily on-goings of his daughter. So she fills her time with sword-fighting, parties and anything else that fills up her time. Although Genevieve does not keep many friends she does have Edward Alexander Alton and Sirona Smith. She met Edward at a party when she helped him escape during a burglary gone wrong and since then he fills her life with excitement. She met Sirona at University when Genevieve saved her from bullies and Sirona has since been a source of intelligence conversation and crazy experiments that constantly amaze Genevieve. It’s not surprising the young socialite has fallen madly in love with both of her friends and just can’t decide which one she loves the most.

A collection of fashionable sword belts that she wears to all events so she can carry her trusted blade with her wherever she goes.
A handbag that carries so much more than should fit in it.
Shoes that seem to survive through every situation even when they shouldn’t.

Genevieve Wesley

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