Prince Viktor of Romania

A Prince more interested in women than in anything else


Romance: 5
Mystery: 4
Action: 3
Science: 2

Reputation: Title (Romance, Free)
Talent: Dashing Smile (Romance)
Talent: Etiquette (Romance)
Talent: Disguise (Mystery)
Talent: Stealth (Mystery)
Talent: Athletics (Action)


Viktor is the former first-ranking regent of Romania and second son of the late King Ferdinand. After his father passed Viktor was been forced to abandon his time in abroad to return home and serve on the regency council for his brother’s five year old son, Michael. Then a letter to Viktor’s brother, Carol, from another council member prompted Carol’s return to Romania to assume the title of King of Romania. The key line in the letter, which gives great insight into Viktor’s personality reads: “The Regency does not work because it has no head. The Prince smokes his cigarettes, Sărăţeanu looks through his books, and I, as a priest, can only try to reconcile.”

Carol disapproved greatly of Viktor’s dalliances and demanded that he would release Viktor from service only if Viktor would attend University. Viktor balked at the idea, but eventually seeing no other choice decided it was better than politics. Viktor’s first few months at University were spent sneaking into various women’s rooms until Doctor Von Rooten seized control. Something stirred in Viktor, suddenly feeling the need to fight for something more. He’s since taken up with the student resistance, although he’s hardly left his old ways behind him.

Silver cigarette case with the Royal Romania Family crest embossed on the front.
A collection of pristine hand tailored suits fit for any occasion.
Warm come hither eyes the color of an overcast sky.

Prince Viktor of Romania

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