Sirona Smith

A young lady adventuress who is a (mad) genius


Science 5
Mystery 4
Action 3
Romance 2

(Special) Invention!
(Reputation) Girl Genius
(Talent) Repair
(Talent) Medicine
(Talent) Computers
(Talent) Enduring


Born on the wrong side of the tracks, she was raised by her grandfather after her father, then mother ran away. If you were to hunt them down, you’d find that Grandfather scared off Father, and when Sirona started taking after Grandfather, Mother ran away. However, Sirona never bothered looking for them. Grandfather had, well, experiments on things found in the waterways. Especially the (something like River Ankh). Most things weren’t breathing when he brought them in. They usually were breathing for a portion of their stay.
Sirona, raised on a healthy dose of mad science, found that she belonged in it’s depths. She quickly advanced past the boring classes and earned a scholarship to the university. By the time she was 17, she had three doctorates.
Her life was plagued by the ignorant masses and their fears. They would often attack her when they thought they could get away with it. Usually stealthy stink bombs or glass bottles dropped from roof-tops, but occasionally, a group would gang up on her. She would return home with bruises, maybe a broken bone or two, ruined library books, smashed glasses. she would go to her room and stay there for days before venturing out.
That all stopped the day Genevieve entered her life. Genevieve intervened in the mob attack, and the attackers went flying. Genevieve helped her to the library and when she cautiously spoke about her current experimental attempt, Genevieve was legitimately interested. Her new friend also had ideas for unusual uses of her experiments, and eventually led to the Bully Detector and Deterrent device. They only ran it once. Then they destroyed it. No one talks about what happened, not even the bullies, who avoid even the paths that Sirona might travel on.

-Over-sized, thick glasses. (the trick? they are just glass, Grandfather wears glasses, and a young Sirona thought she needed them)
-A worn, scuffed, patched leather bag. (Mad scientist supplies, anyone looking through said bag might wish they hadn’t)
- black crazy curly hair that is occasionally chopped short when it gets in the way. (It started looking better after Genevieve came into the picture. Sirona was taken to Genevieve’s hair stylist. The stylist did amazing things with her hair, making it look sleek and stylish. Then she stepped outside and it was the curly mess again. At least it no longer looked like a rat had been chewing on it.)

Sirona Smith

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